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About Home Coming Art Studio


The Home Coming Art Studio is a working and teaching art studio. The purpose of the studio can be summarized in these three words - PRESERVE - CREATE - EDUCATE. In the studio, there will be a focus on preserving century old techniques in the fiber arts and painting art. The owner, Annette Devitt uses the space to create her own work which includes weaving and watercolor painting. There are classes in the fiber arts, as well as painting and other arts for both adults and children. Who in turn will create their own art.

The studio gets its name from a community event once held a each August in the early 20th century. In Penns Grove, there was a parade and celebration which were all part of Home Coming Day, when Penns Grove natives returned home for fun and fellowship. It is the hope that the Home Coming Art Studio will bring people to the studio for fun and fellowship and to celebrate the arts. 

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